I made this poster for my friend Rachel, who hosted a backyard charity comedy night. I worked closely with her to incorporate her love for 70s color and type into a lighthearted, eye-catching design. Knowing this would be posted to social media, I made the poster a looping gif that she later timed with music.
  Best Coast  music poster
 This poster features the final line from an essay I wrote after I felt underappreciated. I wanted the poster to be quietly powerful, one that is visually strong enough to carry the weight of the words. A serif felt too delicate, and many sans-serif fonts lack character. Futura was the perfect choice for this because it is a strong and relatively unconventional font. Futura is often found in Barbara Kruger’s work, which mostly highlight poignant phrases and social commentary.
 This poster features an excerpt from an essay I wrote after someone compared me to the Disney character Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. I used a strikethrough on the words I most wanted to emphasize, similar to Glenn Ligon’s paintings of text. By partially obscuring the most important words, the viewer inadvertently pays the most attention to those words.
 Simon and Garfunkel lyrics
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