The splash page of  motif , a museum companion application I developed, in its natural habitat at the Broad Museum.
 In this initial mind map, I explored the possible functions and uses of a museum application and pocket guide.
 I then conducted user research by asking friends and acquaintances with varying interest in art and tech savviness to complete a Google Form. The qualitative and quantitative research proved that there was definitely a space in the museum app market for motif.
 These user personas represent types of people most likely to use a museum application, from art aficionados to the selfie-obsessed. Their backgrounds, interest in art and quotes highlight user motivations and desires.
 The user personas are then traced in user scenarios. Each moment of opportunity in the scenarios is marked with a lightbulb.
 The app map lays out all the possible views a user can navigate to within the application. The user flows outline possible page-to-page experiences of any given viewer.
 These are wireframes after a few iterations and rounds of feedback. I used Balsamiq, which was a great way for me to focus on function over form.  (1) This is the  introductory loading  page, which would ideally rotate through a few different notable pieces with each loading.  (2) The app immediately opens to a  camera  to allow the user to immediately scan the piece-in-question. Users can then accept or retake the image.  (3) The art  explanation  view features collapsable sections of interest, including essential facts, timeline, more about the artist, what they're known for, similar works nearby, and general motifs/tags.  (4) The  scans + favorites  tabs allow users to track their scanning history, along with which pieces they would like to quickly reference in the future by "favoriting" them.  (5) The  motifs + discover  tabs helps users understand their preferences and find new works they'd like. In motifs, users can see a concise digest of their scanning history: location, artist, movement and motif. Under discover, the application suggests new works for you to learn about by works, artists, and museums.
 The splash and introductory page are simple, memorable, and clue the user in to the app's uses. All the UI's were made using Sketch.
 Once a painting has been scanned, a user is immediate directed to pertinent, digestible information for use while at a museum. Sections include Need-to-Know, Timeline, About the Artist, Known For, Similar Work Nearby, and Motifs (tags). I used two portraits of women for the mockups,  Mona Lisa  and  Green Stripe .
 These are mockups of the more polished final views for the Scans + Favorites page and Motifs + Discover page.
 These are the icons I developed for motif's UI using Illustrator. They're all simple, geometric, and have a thin outline treatment.
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